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A social sales and marketing CRM

Nimble helps you build campaigns where you generate leads from social media, and it doubles over as a customer relations management (CRM) tool too. It pulls information from things such as your Google apps and from your Office 365 contacts lists. As your staff update their contacts, the tool updates its files.

Helping you manage your customers

Nimble doesn’t do the work for you. In fact, it does very little of the work for you. What it does is puts your contacts in one place, and allows you to plan marketing and PR campaigns that may involve your contacts. It then uses social searches to try to help you find new contacts. Once your contacts are in your tool, they may be segmented to help you sell to your contacts a little more efficiently. The interface is neatly laid out, and the use of graphics and icons may help you identify the difference between customers and partners more easily.

It offers email analytics and tracking

Many businesses managers are going to discover that the Nimble service is useless because it is nothing more than an expensive organizer. The only thing of value is their email analytics and tracking function. It allows you to monitor the progress of your email campaign and maybe draw a few usable metrics from the process. The 2GB of storage is not bad, but you can get free storage from numerous online providers without having to pay for a subscription as you have to do with Nimble.


  • Email tracking and analytics are handy
  • It is neatly laid out


  • Most businesses will find many of its functions useless
  • It is expensive and offers little in return


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